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WinLedge General Ledger, single user version is only:




GL Module

Multi-user versions are also available.

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General Ledger Video
General Ledger Video

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Custom General Ledger Software
Canada General Ledger

Canada General Ledger
Six different styles of income statements to choose from! Everything from a simple YTD version to a detailed year to year comparison. Need this quarter to last year quarter or current month to current month budget, the options are there. Also in a couple of clicks you can move any of these numbers to Excel(tm.) for more detailed analysis.

Many reports to choose from...

General ledger
Reconcile any account in the chart, not just bank accounts...

WinLedge General Ledger

Multi-currency too!

WinLedge GL WinLedge General Ledger

No limit to the number of companies you can setup. The system will also allow you to combine companies to produce consolidated financials.

User defined accounting periods. With Winledge you are not locked into using monthly accounting periods. Need 28 day periods instead.. no problem... you define the period ranges.

Password controlled access to every function in the module. You can also install GL only on the machines that need it which will help to further safeguard your sensitive data. Activity can be tracked by user and all users can be assigned specific access rights.

Up to six digits can be used in the GL number along with up to six digits in the sub account. The sub account can be used to produce income statements by cost centre.

Vendors and Customer can be maintained in the GL if system is used stand-alone or you can pull them from other modules such as WinLedge A/R or WinLedge A/P

A simple capital asset management function is included to track the company assets.

Cheques can be printed directly from the General Ledger, which is handy for non-payable items like GST and Source Deductions.

System allows you to setup recurring journal entries. You can also copy or reverse existing batches which is handy for dealing with accruals.

Detailed GL entries allow you to record up to 3 reference numbers, a comment and optionally a vendor or a customer.

All reports in the system can be edited with Crystal reports, making it easy to get the "look" you want.

There are more than sixty reports available in the WinLedge General Ledger. To name a few...
  • Account Analysis
  • Trial Balance - summarized/detailed
  • Six different income statements. Current, budget, prior year and year to date combinations.
  • Summarized or detailed balance sheet.
  • General Journal report with selectable journal codes.
  • Trial Balance worksheet to record manual adjustments.
  • GL Account comparative report.
  • Bank Deposit and withdrawal reports.
  • Vendor and Customer Labels
  • Graphs include top ten accounts and net change bar chart
  • G.S.T report, Audit report, Standard Journal Entry listing, Chart of accounts listing and many others...