January 9th, 2019 Microsoft Windows Update


Around the 9th of January Microsoft released a mass update to their Windows operating system. It would appear that many issues have arisen from this update. One of the problems was related to the Jet engine, which we use to access our databases. The end result is that many of our Corporate & Professional payroll users would receive “database connector errors” or “invalid parameter errors” in various parts of the software. However, if the Windows update is removed the error no longer appears. We are not sure when Microsoft plans to fix this issue, but I would assume they are working on it, as they have announced they will be releasing another patch to Windows later in January. Over the past several days we have worked diligently to come up with a work-around and are happy to report that we have succeeded. The change requires a slight change in the structure of our data, but once complete, the software will once again, perform as before, with or without the faulty MS update installed. To obtain the update, simply visit our customer portal. Note that you will need to run “check structure” after installation, to update your database.