Classic Software is a Canadian Developer of Accounting, Payroll and custom software for small and mid-sized business. Founded more than 20 years ago, our committment to customer service and quality software has remained unchanged.

Although Classic offers many "off-the-shelf" modules, our ability to customize the software to meet your exact requirements is one of our key strengths.

Classic's Payroll solutions are broad. If you have five employees or five hundred, Classic probably has a Canadian Payroll system to meet your needs.

Whats New?

Payroll Update for Jan 1st, 2020 has been Added to the Portal

The 2020 edition of the payroll is now available on the customer portal.   You should receive the new login credentials shortly by mail.  If you have not received them by mid December, then please pop us an email and we will send them to you. 

Thank you and have a great holiday season. 

No Payroll Update for July 1st, 2019

The following is a direct quote received from the CRA: "There will not be a July 2019 edition of the Payroll Deductions Tables guide (T4032), Payroll Deductions Supplementary Tables guide (T4008) and the Payroll Deductions Formulas guide (T4127) as there are no legislative changes or updates required."

January 9th, 2019 Microsoft Windows Update

Around the 9th of January Microsoft released a mass update to their Windows operating system. It would appear that many issues have arisen from this update. One of the problems was related to the Jet engine, which we use to access our databases. The end result is that many of our Corporate & Professional payroll users would receive “database connector errors” or “invalid parameter errors” in various parts of the software. However, if the Windows update is removed the error no longer appears. We are not sure when Microsoft plans to fix this issue, but I would assume they are working on it, as they have announced they will be releasing another patch to Windows later in January. Over the past several days we have worked diligently to come up with a work-around and are happy to report that we have succeeded. The change requires a slight change in the structure of our data, but once complete, the software will once again, perform as before, with or without the faulty MS update installed. To obtain the update, simply visit our customer portal. Note that you will need to run “check structure” after installation, to update your database.

Payroll 2019

The update for WinLedge Standard, Professional and Corporate Payrolls for January 2019 have been posted to the customer portal.
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What Our Customers Say...

  • "Every once in a while I get a chance to recommend the Classic Software solution to people. I always point to one big “feature”:

    Winledge by Classic Software is a flexible and comprehensive financial management system. However, the truly distinguishing feature is the company.

    The Classic Software creators are available to answer questions and to modify the system to meet individual customer needs. Sometimes the changes are for an agreed contract price and sometimes they are included in the annual service fee. Those of us who are experienced with accounting systems know that no system meets every need you have. The company’s readiness to listen and respond is a distinction that makes a world of difference in our satisfaction with the Winledge system over any other system we have used or considered."

    Art W
  • "I just wanted to take 1 minute to let you guys know that I am very, impressed with your software and the support.  The more I work with the program the more I see "oh, look at that"!

    I cannot help but compare Winledge to other programs but I really think we have a winner here. My manager and I are so happy with our choice.

  • “Oh you guys are geniuses!!! Thank you so much for solving my problem. Even our IT department couldn’t solve this!

    I am glad I bought our payroll software from you!!! Cheers!!"

    H. Dhaliwal
  • "I cannot say enough to thank you for all the times you have helped me, designed custom made programs to accommodate our every growing clientele, and above all your very personal service which I greatly appreciated, was thankful for and grateful to receive."