Bar Code Support

The Winledge Inventory comes with a number of bar code features. For example, using a standard laser printer you can print off 3 of 9 barcode lables for all of your products. Using them or exsiting UPC labels you can also add a bar code wand to the software. With the wand available, anytime a product number is requested you can simply scan the product and it will retrieve by barcode and/or product number. The following is a partial list of the hardware and software components that can be used to extend the WinLedge Inventory.

Bar Code Wands/Readers

In general we support any reader that uses standard "keyboard emulation". This includes the Metrologic and Symbol series.

USB scanners such as the Wasp series are also supported.

Bar Code Printers

We have a number of custom solutions regarding the printing of barcodes. These include, but are not limited to the Zebra line of printers and the Toshiba. Several projects have been completed to produce high speed labels in particular arrangements.

Mobile Computers/Scanners

Currently we have a number of projects using mobile computers. For the most part we have been using various models from Unitech, but we also have projects for the Wasp, AML and Symbol units. Some of the functions we have created include:

  • Physical Counting Module
  • Shipping Module
  • Receiving Goods (both with and without Purchase Orders)

Classic comes with built-in bar code reading support for popular models from Metrologic, Symbol and Wasp

Simple text-only units make physical counts fast, accurate and easy!

Many popular hand-held computers are also supported. Above you can see a WinLedge app running on a Unitech hand-held.