Direct Deposit Add-On

The WinLedge Standard Payroll can easily be expanded to do direct deposit to your existing financial institution. With the installation of this module, you can specify your banking information and then modify the payroll settings to produce direct deposit stubs and then insert the pay information into a file to be sent to your bank.

Almost all of the major banks in Canada are supported:


Using the direct deposit module is pretty easy...

First, on the employee record indicate the bank account information for the employee. You will notice that you can deposit in up to three different bank accounts per employee.

You can even enter a percentage value, such as 90% to chequing and 10% to a savings account. Either that or you can enter a fixed amount to one and a variable amount to another.

Next you can print direct deposit stubs to give to the employee and at the same time create a file to upload to your bank.... fast, easy to setup, easy to use!